The Wild Garden

Gertrude Jekyll laid out a varied and interesting garden that gives examples of a wide spectrum of her prodigious talents. To the West of the house lies Jekyll's only surviving and faithfully restored Wild garden. It is traversed by mown grass paths which meander through longer grass, rambling roses, shrubs, bamboo and a small copse of walnut trees. These paths lead towards the pond which is surrounded by rocks and planted with indigenous and water-loving plants.

Besides Jekyll's incorporation of cultivated plants, nature has introduced endemic plants like bladder campion, ox-eye daisies, pink & white campions, pyramid orchids, various vetches and other downland plants. The pond, once a natural spring-fed clay and straw puddled pond, is now a lined pond. It is surrounded by yellow iris, meadowsweet,tansy and bergamot. In the pond are a few simple water-lilies, elodea and parrots feather. These last two aquatic plants are kept under strict control being thinned out at least 3 times a year . This offers a complete pond ecosystem including various dragonflies, newts, frogs, grass snakes and a large assortment of smaller insects. The elodea and water lillies offer great protection for the fish from the herons.It is an excellent breeding environment.

The Pond

The pond today, restored to its natural beauty.